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Peaceable Journey

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Must-Read Guidelines: The Rules of the Road
Guidelines for holding a successful screening

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about holding your own community screening of a Tribe of Heart film. May many lives be touched by your efforts!

The guidelines that follow were developed over the last twelve years and are based on the experiences of hundreds of people holding screenings of our films in communities all over the world. They are intended to create a safe and respectful environment for audience members, as well as to preserve the potential of our films to foster peaceful change long into the future. We invite you to contact us with your questions, suggestions or comments -- the next great idea may come from you!

Advance Registration

Purchasing a DVD automatically gives you permission to screen the film in private homes and in classrooms that seat no more than 40 people. So that we can coordinate the release process, we require that all other screenings be pre-registered with Tribe of Heart using our quick and easy on-line registration form. (Note: There are no screening fees of any sort involved). All public screenings, once approved, will be published on our web site event calendar and Facebook page.

Screening Handout

The Screening Handout for Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is a simple and inexpensive guide that acts as an introduction to the film and its subjects, and to Tribe of Heart's charitable work. Most importantly, it offers viewers numerous options for learning more and getting involved with using the film as a tool for education and change. While we do not charge a fee for holding screenings, we do require that this handout be purchased and distributed to audience members at all publicly announced/promoted screenings of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. Click here to purchase copies. (Note: Distribution of the handout is not required for classroom screenings held as part of an accredited educational program)

Educational Context

Tribe of Heart films were created, and are distributed, solely for the educational benefit of viewers. Therefore, at all events involving our films, we require that no solicitations for funding be made on behalf of any organization before, during or after the film. Likewise, screenings may not be used as a vehicle for membership recruitment or as part of an effort to promote a legislative initiative. To maintain a non-commercial atmosphere, corporate sponsorship of screening events is also not allowed.


In order to preserve our ability to implement a long-term publicity plan for our films, the word "premiere" or similar terms may not be used to describe a screening without express permission from Tribe of Heart. We also ask that you send us in advance any press releases, print ads, or web site publicity you will be using for publicly announced (including online) screening events.


In general, screenings of Tribe of Heart films should be offered to the public for free. Under special circumstances, admission may be charged -- for example, to cover the cost of holding an event at a larger venue -- but you must contact Tribe of Heart for permission in advance.


Out of respect for our films' human and non-human animal subjects, as well as for the right of every sentient individual not to be confined, exploited, mutilated, or killed, no materials may be distributed at screenings promoting products of the animal-using industries, including those bearing labels such as "humane," "organic," "cage -free," "free-range," "grass-fed" or other similar terms. Likewise, no materials may be distributed on behalf of organizations or groups that have campaigns promoting such products, or that engage in publicity efforts, initiatives, or legislative coalitions with corporations that produce them. For more information, see

Final Say

Tribe of Heart reserves the right to deny permission to any individual or organization to publicly screen our films.

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Why doesn't Tribe of Heart charge screening fees and why is the charging of admission at screenings discouraged?

Tribe of Heart is a not-for-profit organization with a small staff and modest resources. Completion of our work depends entirely on the generosity of others, in the form of grants, grassroots donations and volunteer assistance. We believe charitable organizations like ours are the recipients of such support expressly so that we may operate as a charity, and not as a tax-exempt business. Such a structure gives Tribe of Heart the freedom to accomplish certain kinds of work that businesses simply cannot, and creates the opportunity to build a different kind of relationship with those who benefit from the work we produce.

The people whose stories are told in Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home and The Witness shared their personal journeys as gifts in service of the betterment of human- and animal-kind. The process of creating films based on their heartfelt testimony changed the lives of all involved, teaching us many things, and asking us to grow in ways we never expected. We believe that such rare experiences find their deepest meaning when shared with others, their value increasing as they are passed from person to person to person, and sometimes to whole communities.

In order to respect the spirit in which these films were made, and to safeguard their potential to transform the lives of those who see them, we ask that you join us in treating screenings of Tribe of Heart films as special opportunities for education, inspiration and community-building. As such, they are intended to be experienced in their truest form, unencumbered by any other agendas, however worthy they may be, including fundraising, membership recruitment for organizations or promotion of various campaigns.

What about copyright?

To help us honor our agreements with those from whom we have licensed copyrighted material for inclusion in our films -- many of whom donated valuable rights -- and to safeguard our ability to negotiate agreements with broadcasters and distributors, please refrain from duplicating, translating, digitizing, transmitting or broadcasting Tribe of Heart films in any media.


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