Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home   Getting closer to the finish line... View three scenes!
Scene 9: Former farmer Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis
has come to appreciate the rich familial
bonds shared by farmed animals. (2:22)

Scene 18: Willow Jeane Lyman
adjusts to life on a cattle ranch. (2:47)

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Scene 6: Jason Tracy and Cayce Mell
seek to help others understand that
all animals are individuals. (2:41)


Message from
the Filmmakers
Peaceable Kingdom Update

Jenny & JamesDear Friends,    

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is alive and well. A 90-minute rough cut of the film was completed in October of this year. This next phase of the process, known as the fine cut, is approximately 50% complete. Once we have completed the fine cut, we will begin audience testing, and incorporate any necessary changes into the final film. When you hear from us next, we expect to be announcing our plans and schedule for release.

Our creative team is very excited about the way the fine cut of the film is coming together. We believe that Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home will attract the widest audience yet of any of our films, with a storyline any viewer can relate to, underscored by an in-depth exploration of the moral dimensions of animal exploitation that's truly unique in the current cultural landscape.

Moving beyond today's framing of the animal issue as needless suffering caused by the excesses of industrialized farming, this film is rather a portrait of who animals are, what their lives might be if we chose not to exploit them, the magnitude of what they lose when we objectify them, shatter their bonds of family and friendship, and take ownership of their bodies as our resources. Equally important, the film explores what we lose when we put aside our value for kindness -- indeed our own humanity -- in service of our rituals, habits and economic interests. Continued

Meet the Associate Producers
Kevin Smith and Eric Huang

Two seasoned professionals donate their time and talents to Tribe of Heart and the Peaceable Kingdom film project while striving to re-align their careers with their values for compassionate living. Read Story

Behind the Music
Joy Askew

If you watched the three clips from Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, you will have heard the mellifluous sounds of Joy Askew, a talented singer-songwriter who, along with Kevin Bartlett (featured in our last newsletter), has donated her inspiring musical gifts to the film project. Several of the songs featured in the film are from Joy's newest CD, The Pirate of Eel Pie, including "Poor Man's Greed," which Joy wrote immediately following her experience viewing the original Peaceable Kingdom film at its Lincoln Center world premiere. The Pirate of Eel Pie is due for release in March 2008. Click here to learn more about Joy's work, and to hear samples of her beautiful music.

Hold Your Calendars 

We are now aiming to complete Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home in the first half of 2008. However, depending on availability of funding, and due to the nature of the creative process itself, we are not yet at the point of committing to a specific release date. When we are closer to completion, we will publish a timeline and release plan that will allow enough advance notice so that our community can start planning screenings. Thank you for your continuing patience.


Around the World with
The Witness

It's been a banner year for The Witness, with more national broadcasts, more international film festivals and awards, release of the DVD in PAL (European) format with Czech, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish language options, re-release of the DVD in NTSC (North American) format, with closed captions, Spanish, French and Japanese language options, and a reduction in the purchase price, from $20 to $15 ($75 for a Gift of Compassion 10-pack). Click here to order

Renaissance for The Witness

Festival premieres and awards mark the debut of the film in Eastern Europe

free thinker award

Dedicated volunteers translate The Witness into Czech and Russian and accompany the film to its award-winning debuts in Prague and Kiev, launching a new wave of peaceful change. Read Story

3-Year Broadcast Contract
LinkTV continues to bring The Witness
to new audiences

Following several successful broadcasts of The Witness in 2006 and 2007, Tribe of Heart's collaboration with LinkTV producer Toni Whiteman has culminated in the signing of a 3-year non-exclusive broadcast deal with LinkTV, carried by DISH Network and DirecTV, available in 26 million American homes. In addition to the satellite broadcasts, LinkTV will soon be offering The Witness in major metropolitan areas through a new cable-based streaming technology. We are honored to have our work shown on LinkTV, a broadcast outlet of rare integrity and substance that has done so much to promote peace and cross-cultural understanding during this difficult period of our nation's history.

View LinkTV post-broadcast discussion about The Witness

New PUBLICITY Materials!

Our downloads page now features an exciting new line of handbills & flyers to help you promote your screening events! View the new designs

Tribe of Heart Film Previews
Now on YouTube!

You can help promote our films

Thanks to the suggestions of several helpful members, we have put the previews for Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home and The Witness up on YouTube, helping to expand the potential audience for our films. If you'd like to be part of increasing our films' publicity, consider embedding the preview in your web site (see the box on the right side of the YouTube screen for instructions). We hear from many people that just watching the previews has brought about a positive change in perspective, and even thoughts of going vegetarian.


Movement Matters
Calling All Vision Keepers

By definition, every person with enough intelligence and courage to defy social norms and refuse to oppress others is a leader. Therefore, every person in this movement is already a leader or a leader in the making. To survive and thrive, visions need vision keepers. The ethical vision of a world predicated on telling the truth and living with respect for all beings is being degraded before our very eyes into a grotesque caricature of itself. This vision is at risk. People of all backgrounds and all levels of experience need to step forward now to seek and speak their deepest truth--to think critically, to think ahead, to act with integrity, to act as citizen leaders...
Read Story

Project for the
New American Carnivore
From Lyman to Niman in 10 Short Years

Lyman to NimanThe latest essay from Tribe of Heart's co-founders was inspired by a new, precedent setting development in the collaboration between animal advocacy groups and the animal exploitation industry: Several people who raise and kill animals for a living (one, a multi-million dollar rancher) were welcomed as speakers at this year's largest national animal protection conference. Read Story

Rescue and Investigation
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary exposes the reality behind "cage free" eggs

cage free henPeaceful Prairie Sanctuary's new video of rescued hens from a cage free facility provides the basis of a critical thinking exercise about the hidden cost of selling the public on "cage free" eggs.

Help Eddie find homes for homeless animals

AndyMany of you are familiar with Eddie Lama, the subject of Tribe of Heart's first documentary THE WITNESS. Eddie's inspiring transformation began with the unexpected affection of a cat, which led him to rescuing abandoned animals from his construction sites and caring for them in his Brooklyn office. Eventually Eddie founded Oasis Sanctuary in upstate New York. Now, after many years of helping animals in need, Eddie needs your help. Learn more





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